Finally, I got this photo today. Once I took photos with my Lubitel 2 which I bought in Protobello Market in London. I bought this camera because I really wanted to buy something British before I came back.
Although this camera is made in Russia, it is true that I bargain with someone in the second hand antique market, the typical life in UK. I didn't know how to use this camera untill the seller taught me the basic way to use it. Then, I just tried to take something in the last few days before I left.
This camera has to be used step by step, and of course, everything has to be adjusted on my own. This photo is my favorite with the double exposure. It shows I'm the first time to learn how to get along with my camera. As what you can see, I forgot to roll the film before taking the next one. But I like something at random, I like coincidence.

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